Monday, November 23, 2009

Winter Programme of Events 2009 - 2010

I'm delighted to be announcing my Winter Programme of events 2009 - 2010 and hope you will get a chance to join me at some stage for creative fun, networking, socialising, meeting new people, engaging with art materials and discovering creative visualisation if you have n't already.
I am currently looking out for workshop venues in Carlow, Waterford, Kilkenny and Wicklow, if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them email me creativedynamix[at] Or you'd like me to come facilitate a network session for a group in your location let me know and I can get right on it!
I'm really excited to be bring you Creative Safari's in 2010 these have been a dream to do for a few years and have come together, so I am delighted to offer you a creative weekend away " the waters and the wild...”.

Entrepreneurial Downtime
7.30 – 9.30pm Tuesday 24 November, 2009. €25

Introduction to creative visualisation. Give yourself space and time to stop your brain, connect in with you and have some fun with art materials. Starting with a deep relaxation followed by an invitation to engage with art materials and networking with a difference.
No experience required.
Tea and coffee 9.30 – 10pm.
Location: dreaming, Donaghmore, Ballygarrett, Gorey

Open Studio Sale
10am – 4pm Saturday 28th November. All welcome.
Ballygarrett Art Studio Sale; paintings, photography, prints and handmade textiles framed and unframed. Unique gift ideas, super price range €10 - €2,000. Also open by appointment.
Location: Ballygarrett Art Studio, Templederry Lane, Ballygarrett, Gorey

Introduction to creative visualisation.
7 – 9.30pm Monday 30 November, 2009. €25
Give yourself space and time to stop, connect in with you and have some fun with art materials. Starting with a deep relaxation followed by an invitation to engage with art materials and share the experience.
No experience required.
Tea and coffee 9 - 9.30pm.
Location: Ann’s Angels, 6 Cinema Lane, Wexford

Entrepreneurial Downtime
7.30 – 9.30pm Tuesday 1 December, 2009. €25
The journey. Using deep relaxation and a guided visualisation you are invited to enjoy space just for you. Art materials are provided for fun and as away to explore and express yourself. It’s about the process not the product.
Tea and coffee 9.30 – 10pm.
Location: dreaming, Donaghmore, Ballygarrett, Gorey

It can’t be Christmas till I get a day off!
7.30 – 9. 30pm Tuesday, 8 December, 2009. €25
A fun evening for friends, neighbours and family to join in a lovely relaxation, have a nice introduction to creative visualisation and get creative with art materials.
No experience required.
Tea and coffee and mince pies 9.30 – 10pm.
Location: dreaming, Donaghmore, Ballygarrett, Gorey

Visualise your Client
10am – 12.00pm Tuesday 15 December, 2009. €35
Develop a clear understanding of who your ideal client is and create a visual reference to consolidate information and as a tool to focus your business.
Tea and coffee 12 -12.30pm.
Location: Ballygarrett Art Studio, Templederry Lane, Ballygarrett, Gorey

Moving Forward!
6 week course starting 7.30 – 9. 30pm Tuesday 12 January 2010 €150
A six week course that combines creative strategies, tools for living and art materials with goal setting. Clarify what you want in your life and start making it a reality. More details on request.
Location: dreaming, Donaghmore, Ballygarrett, Gorey

Creative Safari Weekend
arrive 8pm Friday 29 –depart 4pm Sunday 31 January 2010 €280
“Come away to the waters and the wild...”
Give yourself the gift of a weekend away just for you. Immerse yourself in relaxation, creative discovery and mythic location. Two nights’ accommodation and all meals included. Full details on request.
Location: Caraiosa Centre, Bishopstown, Moate, Co. Westmeath

Creativity coaching is offered on a 1:1 basis at Ballygarrett Art Studio or at an agreed venue.

Gift Vouchers available.

Contact Roisin Markham to book on the CreativeDynamix hotline 086.1546163

Monday, November 2, 2009

October saw a flood of new work

October was fun! I started teaching felt making workshops again titled 'The magic of felt', everyone that came rally enjoyed them and were so impressed that they made a piece of fabric out of fleece. It inspired me to make some new felt also. This one is for stitching...

I also picked up these adorable little cups in a local charity shop. The rose motif is so sweet and the green colour still so vivid on this eighty year old hand painted crockery. More photos and information about these cups here.

Of course it was great to work with Wexford County Councils Enterprise and Community Department on my 'creativity for boosting morale and self esteem project' otherwise known as 'the postcard project' on the 16th of October. You can read about it over at the CreativeDynamix blogspot by following both links. The follow up writing thank you and great quotes on the postcards was fun to do and also gave me time to think about the project and further applications of the idea. I was further inspired by the quotes. I started working on a series of images to be printed onto textiles for beading and stitching; the theme maps and quotes. I am working on progressing the designs, patterns and applications to textiles, clothes or prints for framing. A preview of the initial work:

I got exciting news in October that my tender for Art Alongside Programme has been placed second in order of merit! I am waiting to here more about what this actually means but its positive.
What else has been going on? Yes. I have been having very interesting discussions and extending my network in Ireland and globally. Growing my creative lab network of thinkers, doers and creative's all very exciting stuff. I'm really enjoying the way twitter is connecting me to like minds directly. More of that this month.
After my October blog post I spent some time looking at that work from a decade ago.
I realised that something very specific was going on and I was getting to respond to it if I would stop and make space for it. So that is what I did I stopped and made space for that work to look at it to think about it to just be with it.With the help of a friend and healer Catherine Maguire that window from the past has become a door. The transition happened quickly.
Imagine a door opening into a fruitful garden (a cliche I know but that is the image that comes to mind as I write). It feels good to be in the flow of work that is being communicated back and forth between my current reality and my artistic response to a previous reality. It has opened a very interesting space to work in linking loss in general in my life. As I have written before 'Loss is part of my life'. I am processing and expressing that loss and other things in meaningful images. I have posted a new image as the first image in response to the work from 10 years ago. I am working towards an exhibition with experiential workshops based on the work (1999-2009) which will be referred to as the 'inland series' dates March and October 2010.
If the images are meaningful to me that is enough or is it...

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