Sunday, July 29, 2012

Exhibition decisions

I have up and coming exhibitions in Autumn: an option on Gorey, confirmed Newry and the Wexford Fringe at the National Heritage Park.
Contemplating how, what and budgeting for the work.
Creating new work is never an issue but presenting it framed and in a professional way needs resources.
This year I want to created another collection of fine art prints mixing photography and digital process - my version of screen printing and etching but with out the chemicals. I'm allergic to most of them anyway. So forming time lines and a realistic decision making approach - YES I want to but can I?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

What I realised in London

London 2012
I was invited to attend a Digital start up camp in London a few weeks ago and I realised something quiet significant about my cultural interests at the moment.
London right an amazing smorgasbord of arts, tourism, heritage, cultural opportunities... I asked for suggestions and got some great ones on what to do in four hours. There were a few exhibitions I thought about going to see.. but I chose not to do any of that and discovered I was more interested in meeting people and finding out more about them then any other option.
 At the moment the type of culture I am interested in is people. 

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