Welcome to Ballygarrett Art Studio. Have you visited before?
What would you like to discover?
A piece of art?
My creative process?
My story?
Well you are in the right place for that. I use this blog to document and share my journey as visual artist.

Creativity in context is at the heart of my, Roisin Markham's art practice by visiting my blog I hope you will find a way to join in.

Most often described by associates, colleagues and friends as "inspiring" I hope you find this blog is... your feedback is important comments are welcome and I will try to reply. I do waffle on about my creative process and give insights into how I make art for sale and exhibitions.

I also write and share work on Creativity in YOUR context so if you are looking for information 

Your creativity?
Your Children's?

You are also in the right place!
I offer further insights into creative process and the solace of creative expression in my workshops. I like to teach children how to make things especially using funky junk and those sessions are proving popular in Wexford Libraries at the moment. Adults and children's classes plus 1:1 coaching, reading sessions details are here.

If you are looking for 
Creativity for a team, group or education environment you work with creativity in a business context I write about that and document my work on Creativedynamix.

If you like what you see, if it inspires you or you are curious about something do leave a comment let me know I'd love to hear from you. Who knows perhaps we shall find ways to work, play and create together.
Roisin Markham March 2013

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