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creating 'Better Space' 2012
A participatory project created in collaboration with the community in Little Daisies Childcare, Gorey Youth Needs, Wexford. A multi-sensory experience with children and staff to provide access to the arts, creative use of materials and enhance the early years outdoor play area. Working with staff and 120 children, aged 2½ to 5 years we created an interactive play mural and a garden among the tarmac and the walls.
This project is part of my Muck and Magic strand looking at the outdoor experience of arts, gardening and play. The project introduced science and nature through art and experimental play.
This project had its own blog you can find it here

"a stitch in time" threaded stories commission 2011
Celebrating 25 years of St. Brigid's Family Resource Centre In Waterford City, Ireland. I was asked to paint something on a wall initially... but after some research I realised the dedicated space need to be for the whole communities voice. So I created a project to listen and collect their stories and memories which I translated into stitch. The community came together to stitch the words and this is the result.

Owning Happiness, Childcare Network Seminar Wexford 2011
'Cultivating & Nurturing Happiness, A time for reflection' was the theme of the 16th Annual Childcare Network Seminar. I was one of three speakers on the day. In response to an invitation to run a creative break out session I had challenged the Network to a creative response to the theme and a challenge to embody the very idea in a participatory arts project. The gratitude tree was a way to embody some of the learning of the day. I also ran one of three break out workshops in the afternoon.
I introduced the day and set the tone, spoke about owning happiness, gratitude and how to create awareness of happiness which in return cultivates and nurtures happiness. You can listen to the audio of the talk which mentions why I smile at tractors.

Can art get people back to work? 2009 - 2011
A continuing body of work that involves lectures, training, a local work search pilot network and sharing research. It has been mentioned in several national and local papers.

Global Gratitude Postcard Project #GGPP 2009 - 2011

The site originally hosting the project has since been shut down []. You can read about it on my CreativeDynamix blog 2010, 2011.   
Co-hosting this project with Julie Ann Turner in it's second year, we kicked off the project on Julie Ann's ConciousSHIFT radio program, listen here.
This project was inspired by creativity for boosting morale and a thread of work around unemployment. Julie Ann and I connected via twitter @juileannturnerThis project links also to the Happiness Seminar 2011.

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