Friday, October 25, 2013


Trying not to manage the out come of my work in the studio. Just letting the work take me to where my imagination and tactile experience of the material flows. I'm happy that the flow seems to be there. Often after a break it can take some time to get back into it.

I'm holding each step lightly. Trying not to judge harshly. My imagination wanders to textiles and installation type video on sculpture. Yet practically here in the studio paper, pencil and pastel mingle with water and paint... It is enough. I'm in the studio making work again.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Studio morning

Here I was in the studio just after 8am. Ready and anticipating getting my brushes colourful. I started writing, its my creative in. I wrote four ways pencil, ink, graphite pencil, charcoal and in four directions. But it was n't fluid I got interrupted by a cup of tea with my husband, a shell and photography, a phone call. All okay common distraction methods and some help pulling forward my visual senses and creativity.
 When your getting creative what's your in? What helps you open the door to letting your imagination flow and making?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

And here it is

The altered book, notebook gets doodled in regularly. I experiment with writing, charcoal, paint, oil pastels and pencil. Mixing mediums toying with words.
Tonight instead of tossing and turning or stupid TV I decided an hour in the studio. 
I got lost in the sensuous blue pastel with pure white emphasising, merging to hues of blues. 
The circular shape resonates & almost hovers off the page.
A very satisfying hour or two in the studio.
Who knows tomorrow I may paint...

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A sense of urgency

Roisin Markham © 2013
I get to the end of the week, now.
I feel an urgency to be in my studio.
But I don't get there
Making things, painting, drawing. I'm sitting here now writing when I should be gone to bed. An early morning alarm call at 5.30am.
But I am not making. I am not painting. I don't get there its been going on for a few weeks now.

I have started one new project It's out there being published. Not here or over at No. the project is simple, personal and I'm not sharing it directly just yet.
So I still think I am not making or producing anything yet I am. Its not commercial, its just my daily dip into a specific theme.
I'm also feeling my hands are restless they want to be stitching or felting or beading...

I've started dreaming colours again.
It won't be long now...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fallow fields

It's Autumn the hedgerows have started be dipped in colourful hues of browns, oranges and umber. Berries and haws drip after plenty of summer sun. Deep purples and reds. Autumn reaps the rewards of a bountiful summer. The air get colder and the wind picks up again.

Fallow, my work has been small token like. I have been absorbing. Watching. Like the way one would crop rotate in a small holding or as in the practice of western farmers to leave land fallow to let it grow wild and recover, restore, rejuvenate before planting, growing and cultivating again.

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