Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pulling work together

At the weekend I finalised three textiles that had been awaiting stitching and beading. I'm pleased with how they turned out. I dropped them to the framer yesterday.

Friday, September 24, 2010

what a relief

Failed freeing the labyrinth from the paper
I'm loving the comments from my twitter tribe on last Sundays blog post Labyrinths and my creative process it contains my video about 'when painting is too flat'. On Thursday I queried its increasing popularity and wondered was it down to the fact it was a video. What do you think?
What I love about finding and rediscovering ways to express, document and explore my creativity is that I'm finally moving my work on, talking, communicating and engaging myself and you in the process. So thanks for reading, listening, watching and responding - lets have more of that.
On Monday as I still could not fill my paint brushes with paint. It was hard to stay with the not knowing. Normally dedicated studio time is over brimming it is unusually for me not to know what is next. A sign of growth perhaps. Standing in that not knowing was challenging - deadline looming etc. But I knew a shift was occurring.
I started my weeks work by folding a painting to make it stand by itself. This developed into montage and collage work. Taking a failed attempt of altering a book (above) to develop the labyrinth relief and freeing it from one sheet of paper.
The raised image in the bottom left corner printed onto tissue paper very nicely so I thought making a stamp seemed like the next step. I sat cutting out the labyrinth... The two shapes the same but different half way through I thought am I cutting out the wall or the path? and I stopped and started taking photos again.

Then the relief moved from a mobile to a sculptural device that I wanted to make stand it took me a while before I found something I was happy. I wanted the semi cut labyrinth to stand tall. I tried various things and settled on a piece of blue tack and or 'glue tack' as my youngest calls it. Deciding it was not important if the a clay modeling tool was seen. With that the object became a whirly gig. I was reminded of fair grounds and twirling skirts of my youth.

The background for the whirly gig and the images of the folded painting at the beginning of this post became a finished piece of work Thursday evening but not before a transfer of this was added. A photograph of an Allium I had given a graphic treatment to. It is one of my favourite Cristophii.
Yes this morning I had a Eureka moment and the painting flowed after more on soon

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Art & Soul

Of art and soul. I'm trying to remain focused on finishing work to take to the framers later in the week. i'm also trying not to hold on to tight to the outcomes of the work and allow them to flow.
But it is proving a challenge and I'm being rather too good at finding distractions. I think it stems from the fact I have two paintings I am worried I shall ruin but they are unfinished to my eye. Therefore brush and paint and water shall apply.
Details of my up and coming exhibition 
'of earth and soul' 
2010 Fringe Wexford Festival Opera
16 October - 31st October 2010.
’of earth and soul’ an exhibition of textiles and paintings by Wexford based artist Roisin Markham (me) with participative workshops and social interludes.
Venue:    Bride Street Gallery
(Colman Doyles Shop is converting to a gallery space during the Fringe)
Dates & Opening Times:
Monday – Saturday 9.30am – 6.00pm;
Sunday & Bank holiday 2 – 5.30pm

Thursday 14 October 9.30 – 11.30am:
Innovation for success. Women in Business Network Event Co-hosted with Wexford County Enterprise Board. 
 Booking with Wexford County Enterprise Board, more information to follow and booking will be here shortly.
Tuesday 19 October 3 – 5pm: Social media mashup for businesses @Wexford Fringe; Blog, twitter, facebook, linkedin and any other social media platform realtime meet upThis is a Free event but you need to book your placehere or on CreativeDynamix Facebook page in the event section. 
Thursday 21 October 10.00am – 12.30pm Labyrinth Workshop. Creativity with a purposeful pathway: draw, trace, make and share labyrinth making in a collaborative workshop. €35 all materials included.
Brown bag lunch workshops start at 1.10 and are 40 minutes of active learning, participation and fun during your lunchtime. €10 a session. Bring your lunch and come along to any of the sessions or all three.
Tuesday 26 October Solution generation, creative problem solving for your lunchtime’
Wednesday 27 October Mind mapping learn and road test a creative thinking technique.
Friday 29 October Introduction to creative visualisationrelaxation and guided visualisation plus access to art materials

Event booking with CreativeDynamix call Roisin on 086.1546163 or find us on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/CreativeDynamix.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

it is not totally what I want to create in this moment

Deciding what to do next with a looming deadline for the framers should be clear and straight forward but it's not.
Painting, collage, text and photography are starting to collide. There has always been a meeting point for different elements of my work in my brain but I have never found a happy conclusion to my experiments on paper. If I keep it all on the computer yes I've had successful outcomes like in the legacy series or in the 'Footprint in my heart' exhibition. But I want to push it further I'm not fully content with leaving it all on the computer and getting a digital print it is not totally what I want to create in this moment.
Solving my own transference of images, photography, text... making printing stamps, layering images before and after I paint them. Giving myself enough time to complete the experiments and the process of my work is critical for visually excellent work. I am my own biggest critic. It does not make it past my studio desk unless I am satisfied with it and oh boy! you should see that criteria.
The transfer medium that arrived in the studio yesterday is not quiet what I had in mind. When you follow the instructions you are left with a plastic see through image. If you paint the medium on the image and place it immediately on a painting, burnish it before it drys you are left with white paper residue.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Labyrinths and process as my creative pathway

The labyrinth dictates its own pace. It domineers my doodles and insists it is featured center and left of work. Since creating the labyrinth on the beach during the summer I am fascinated how it emerges into my work. The Labyrinth for your finger tips followed, I love those images like sketches for bigger work.
Then I got back to my paintings and they became constructions in paper. 
Painting was not enough. The shapes demand to be lifted of the paper. They want to stand proud of the surface.
This series of images best describes, records and informs me and my creative practice for future work.

When painting is too flat... from Roisin Markham on Vimeo.

This manipulation is requesting wood. "Make me in wood" it demands aloud.
Bowed in a curvaceous form that allows the labyrinth to be freed from the flat. Freeing the curves to be visually challenging and technically questionable.

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