Tuesday, July 12, 2011

and so back again...

Holidays were spent without phone and internet an experience I thought would be much more difficult.
As a family we enjoyed discovering Morbihan Southern Brittany full of Gothic church spires, medieval towns we especially liked Josslin and Quimper, megalithic sites including the menhirs in carnac and its excellent Prehistoric Museum, contemporary art (see http://www.facebook.com/CreativeDynamix for links & comments).
Pontivy château's was interesting historically and creatively seeing it's connection with contemporary art. Josslin Château was as flamboyant in its interior as its Gothic exterior but the smell from its rose garden most sweet.
a rose as sweet, Josslin Château France 2011 
Our boys 7,9 and 13 years all enjoyed the cultural mix this was rather a surprise for locally based in-laws.
Lots of pictures keep scrolling, enjoy.
The resistance museums were both excellent but we all voted for the smaller of the two as being most impressive with the wonderful Françoise whom started the collection of artefacts and stories at 15 years her personal connection to people made the experience all the more enthralling for our three boys and their cousins. I had never realised before how strong the identity of Brittany was and how this has impacted their contemporary history.
After just being in Knowth with Bluedrum I found the presence of menhirs, tumulus and dolmens as we travelled southern Brittany to be fascinating I fully intend to start dragging my boys around Ireland so they can appreciate the context of our own culture.
Wonderful patterned door in Quimper 2011

Hydrangeas were everywhere & in amazing colour range
I noticed this cute use of crochet over looking the bridge in Auray. The crochet reminded me of Irish Crochet in its fineness and lace like quality. I did manage to pick some up in a second hand clothes shop in Pontivy which I intend to incorporate into some of my hand made felt.
Auray, France 2011
I particularly like the writing in the dust and the quality of the doorway and reflection.
Auray toward the bridge, France 2011

An interesting collection of sculpture depicting music within the Breton culture.
Guemene sur Scoff
Near where we stayed this barn had amazing textures & contrast you will see more of this.

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