Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finding a bridge

Bridge, Marlay Park Series 2007, Roisin Markham
I am posting this here as a point of departure and arrival. When we find ourselves stuck there is always a signpost even within the quagmire of being stuck.
The above image started as one of my photographs as part of the 'Footprints in my heart' exhibition. It was altered in Photoshop to give it a print process feel. My modern approach to screen printing or photo-plate etching with out the equipment, inking up process, toxic smells, registration frustrations and cleaning up. However if I had access to that equipment and process I reckon I would be making prints. I love prints and the print making process. But my studio space, computer skills and limited time in the studio produced this.
Writing about it now I see it opened the doorway to using the computer to edit what I wanted to express. Much in the same way the digital photography process removes the chemical processing and hands on printing it is my response to control over the images. The sophistication of technology means that I can take images and manipulate them further to give variations of creative expression. But is it processing and manipulation for the sake of it?
Photography has been made more accessible, democratised if you will. But as a photographer what does that mean for me if it is a basic form of visual communication. Is that why my response has been to process my images further? No, but it is a good question.
My response to process my images further is to add layers of meaning with out adding explanation. Post editing my work means I express further the context of the image for exhibition. In which it sits as a chapter of a story being told. An evolving example of this is my Legacy project.
But what of the images I take on a regular basis? Some of them would make fantastic prints in there own right. But can't everyone take great images to print and make their own for their walls? Should I be doing more with my photography?
What do you think?


Rose Hughes said...

love this concept, for it is one that I have found to be very true... one finds new doors and inroads at the seemingly most 'stuck' places. thank you once again to saying it so well.

Ballygarrett Art Studio said...

thanks Rose, I know you use photography in your creative work also & some of the images are great - do you ever think
"I wonder do these photographs have a creative life of their own?"

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