Saturday, November 17, 2012

evolving work

I've been quiet about new work because I wanted it to get somewhere before I could share it. Its not the only reason. But its a big part of it...
I've decided to make a series of images for print - I imagine them printed on to aluminum almost like tiles or notelets... they are made with iphone apps and are layered photography and writing.
sample of new work layered photography, text and colours
Roisin Markham © 2012
I wonder does this give enough of a flavour? I have three completed and want six or eight. They start as photos of plants and then I write and journal over them, layering colour, filtering until I get the complexity I'm looking for.
Here is another process example
experimental iphone app art
Roisin Markham © 2012 
I like the tonal range in this and the result of laying in different typefaces and size of lettering. years ago you could only do this with Photoshop in fact it ties back to the Marlay Park Series 2007. Where I developed a photographic digital editing to give semblance to my work in the vain of screen printing and photographic etching, which I learned in college. My skin & earth friendly no chemical version of screen printing and etching.
I may push these images to traditional print yet...

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