Friday, February 21, 2014

Revisiting old images with new devices!

I just published an image on my new blog [project]- it is a visual blog meaning well have you seen it yet? This it what it looks like - link at the end of the blog. Oh go have a look and come back...

Its kind of a transition blog while I get my head around designing and setting up a website. Yes. Everything has to be able to be found in one place, I've got to make sales easier! For 2014 I want things to be simpler, I've gone back to my roots creative visualisation that's what really going on over at .
 But the reason I'm blogging about the project here is that the image I took and posted today is one of the first images I used as a social media avatar over five years ago! It really struck me as I posted it - full circle but with a better quality device... I'm smiling my shadow along the beach!
But it led me on a wander through some of my published online spaces the poem link to 2009 and to this link about loss, love and a smile Of Earth and Soul work.
I've a new quote I'm thinking of making work around.

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