Thursday, July 16, 2009

Expanding the creative self?

I still struggle with how I work as an artist. I want to do so much; personal work, community arts, mentoring, workshops, education & interactive fun, exhibitions, creating opportunities for other artists, local area artists network - but I have to also cut my cloth both in terms of costs and time. I was going to write about how one can expand ourselves creatively but I cover that another day (its what a lot of workshops and mentoring covers I will be posting about shortly).
At the moment painting just does n't seem to cut it, although there has been a lot going on in my life and it is a way I usually process and enable other processes to expand. At the moment I am attached to the computer - it's the technology thing. I've been exploring social media sites and playing with Twitter. I love technology this was instilled in the early days after college when I worked in the localisation industry. An emerging industry in the early 90’s it was buzz-e in the same way Web 2.0 is today. So I have been exploring social media and looking for other artists who are using it as a platform for work.
I am very interested in the idea of 'collaboration' and have been thinking about trying a few experimental approaches. It is a work in progress in my head and as soon as I have a more defined structure I will progress my ideas into action.
I came across an amazing project and organisation this morning that uses twitter as a platform for an arts project, New Media Scotland. It adds an interesting twist to the arts, I love it!
Cut-Throat Bandits in the Paths of Fame. A re-engagement with the cultural and physical landscape of Edinburgh by imagining and enacting a geographical conversation with eight figures of the past.
New Media Scotland has a great approach partnering with artists, the term used in a broad expansive way and they work on "disseminate new ideas and reach new audiences" great combination. I'd love to hear about more of this type of work happening around the globe if you know of artists, communities, projects etc. please leave me a comment.

I applied for a bursary award two years ago to do a community area specific project based around land & time, mapping land usage and peoples passage through it. It was based on the idea that in rural or urban environments we trace patterns across time. I had this idea that I would find a visual representation for the patterns plus use it as a vehicle to explore historical links to land & local lore about an area. Among the things I suggested was using a variety different ways to capture data including social media. With my expanding knowledge of social media I think I might be ready to revisit that project and make it a better one.

What am I working on at the moment?
Gorey's Family Play Day a community arts event.

Also working on some new grounds for stitching and beading. This is where I use a photograph as a starting pint for a digital manipulation printing it on to fabric and then beading or stitching it. I want to have a series that I can exhibit next year. Must start looking for a good venue.
Some examples from previous expo.

And my Urn project is ongoing, so if you were invited to participate there is still time as I will be working on it during the summer. I'm really enjoying what people are sending back to me I love the way my friends have embraced the project I have about twenty sheets now. Thank you to all who are participating.

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