Friday, June 25, 2010

Painting nearly finished

I don't know if I'll blog a painting work in progress again. Does it stunt the flow? Is it an interesting thing for people to see the development of the painting?
Anyway this is what the painting looks like now not a great photo of it. But I still wanted to show the development. I had plans to finish it today but weirdness ensued and I never got to the brushes. Tomorrow I know I need to paint to help process somethings that are going on. So what I will be working on and know I need to do
  • central area needs to brought out - forward
  • the top left hand corner the green needs to be developed
  • I like the size of the central blue area but the right handside needs a bit of work
  • the bottom green is developing nicely and I like the tonal range and lyering of colours in the bottom left corner
  • the overall composition feels like it is working anf the colour toning and blending is finally coming together
I'm looking forward to working on this painting and movng it towards conclusion.

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