Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Concept for a painting

During yesterdays studio session I took an A4 sheet of card marked and cut it to start working on a concept for a painting. As I mentioned in yesterdays blog the protrusions are to be painted.

Concept for a painting from Roisin Markham on Vimeo.

I've pasted the process piece on my studio window the sun streams through it this morning. The shadow play with the cut outs are impressive. I like the clean simplicity of the shapes and protrusions. However it is right while I think that this is visually interesting it is not everything I had in mind. My brain needs time to process the initial idea with my first response and bring the two more in line. Perhaps they won't get inline, ah yes the creative process and my designer brain, I look forward to see where this idea goes and how it evolves.
Studio time will be precious for the rest of the week, perhaps Thursday.
The blackbird singing on the recording is also from a morning sometime ago.

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