Tuesday, September 21, 2010

it is not totally what I want to create in this moment

Deciding what to do next with a looming deadline for the framers should be clear and straight forward but it's not.
Painting, collage, text and photography are starting to collide. There has always been a meeting point for different elements of my work in my brain but I have never found a happy conclusion to my experiments on paper. If I keep it all on the computer yes I've had successful outcomes like in the legacy series or in the 'Footprint in my heart' exhibition. But I want to push it further I'm not fully content with leaving it all on the computer and getting a digital print it is not totally what I want to create in this moment.
Solving my own transference of images, photography, text... making printing stamps, layering images before and after I paint them. Giving myself enough time to complete the experiments and the process of my work is critical for visually excellent work. I am my own biggest critic. It does not make it past my studio desk unless I am satisfied with it and oh boy! you should see that criteria.
The transfer medium that arrived in the studio yesterday is not quiet what I had in mind. When you follow the instructions you are left with a plastic see through image. If you paint the medium on the image and place it immediately on a painting, burnish it before it drys you are left with white paper residue.

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