Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Labyrinths and your creative or mediative process

Tomorrow I am looking forward to sharing some of my work on labyrinths at the workshop.
The shape has been dominating my work and its presence can be seen in my current exhibition online preview here.
At the opening of the exhibition a friend commented on the fact that as a teenager I was always drawing mazes and this is indeed true. I love that our connection and her knowledge of my creative work can see the link to the labyrinth and how far back it goes in my creative consciousness.
maze doodle circa 1985
Roisin Markham
As a teenager I was fascinated with Celtic knot work in both manuscripts and metal relief work reflected in such Irish treasures like the Book of Kells and Ardagh Chalice. Perhaps this is where my love of typography came from too.
After learning how to do celtic knot work I developed my own take on it for my portfolio for art college. It too evolved and became my doodle that I did idly everyday everywhere. A maze doodle that is linked to this labyrinth work even now.
Amazingly I did come across some examples of the doodle after being handed a crusty biscuit tin of old letters and photos. I love that I can share this with you so that you can see how old my link is to this topic.
For the workshop tomorrow I plan on teaching people how to draw labyrinths, and explore the idea of what it holds. I'll speak a little on what this work has brought me to insights into process, discovery and reflection on my journey living creatively every day.
Have you got an image or motif that you use, collect or it catches your curiosity?


Rose Hughes said...

thank you for sharing your personal link with the labyrinth...I also find it intriguing how a motif may capture us in our youth and continue to move and grow within ourselves throughout our lives. I look forward to hearing about your workshop!

Ballygarrett Art Studio said...

thanks Rose yep I love that link too. I feel I have only this year connected deeply with labyrinths and allowed the work to develop. Something to do with maturity no doubt.
When did you start working with ravens?

Robin Pedrero said...

I strongly believe that the images we were drawn to when we wereyoung continue to be images which we build upon as adults,great post!

Ballygarrett Art Studio said...

Thanks Robin. I do remember you saying that before. I think I now have evidence that proves you spot on in this regard. What did you draw in your youth?

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