Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 in the studio

My continual battle with being organised in the studio is getting a new habit in 2014. That's now by the way and its in action. Not that I am distracting myself from this task by blogging! No infact I'm getting clarity and making a public declaration.
Time just moves so fast that the time I have for my personal work needs to function as creative time
I'm making space for my personal arts practice. It does n't matter if I am the biggest critic as long as the work gets done. I am the biggest factor in getting my work out there for people to see and buy. If I am not making and sharing my art then I am not growing my artistic practice.
There was a very small bit of water in the studio yesterday. A box of recent must keep bits and pieces got wet. I need to stop hoarding keepsakes. If they are worth keeping they need to go in a notebook, collage or piece of work.
I'm trying something new, retrieve it, document it, stick it, bin it.

I'm navigating my way through the first few days of 2014. My work space has to get stripped back. Filing, bin, recycling and donating are my policies, I need to be strict about implementing them. No mercy. But what do artists do with old canvases? Work unsold, half finished paintings, half thought out textiles. Bags and boxes of potentially useful materials. I'd rather sell the work or barter it. More on that shortly.

One of my words for 2014 is COURAGE.
You can see my words over on my new visual blog at add your chosen words there. I'd love to hear about them.

What am I making besides an organised space? At the moment I am using my iphone camera a lot. Not a great habit but an easy one to form. Looking forward to chatting with an college mate more about photography, instagram and the art form and communication tool that is photography.

I'm focused on learning to edit.
That is my second word that has picked itself I think. A new way of working is revealing itself.

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