Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Heart felt

Heart Felt Art
Roisin Markham © 2012
I've been busy never even got to post that I opened a shop on Facebook which sits on my CreativeDynamix page. But if you read or have been following my main blog http://creativedynamic.blogspot.com/  you will have seen the blog post about opening the shop and about what is a hug token.
In January I needed to sit and just make practical work something small to sell. Artist make work for different reasons and this year I just needed to sell my art and have that sense that yes people liked it enough to put their hand in their pockets and part with their cash. There is something very satisfying about selling an item you have made, created - constructed with intent.
The added bonus for me was also to discover and remember what making images with a camera was like. I found myself writing poems to accompany the images I was making and the images I wanted to construct or express with the little felted hearts. They became props for a further expression.
"The heart knows
that love can
not be contained

Love demands to 
be amplified and
shared, so it is
between us.
King of care
queen of kindness
you are that to me."
Heart Felt Art
Roisin Markham © 2012
Writing this blog post I'm realising that I still get surprised by my writing - it has always been a part of my painting and in the last year or so has become more obvious with my textiles and surface stitch. My exhibition last year at the Wexford Fringe really saw the words sit on top of created background surfaces 'Of word and stitch' you can look at some of the work just before it went to framing here.
Perhaps its progress? 
The words presents themselves along side my work not layered with the visuals but taking a more even role equally beside the handmade carefully crafted visual art. Neither the words or the crafted pieces are enough by themselves. As I was putting the framed pieces together the balance in the frame was important - words, visual elements, photographing it...
mixed media creations
I see the multiple images I have made they feel illustrative. Words/images - which came firsts? I celebrate that it is no longer important all I know is that I really enjoyed this creative process although small and central to my being it made me happy to express myself freely. It made me happy that people liked the hug tokens enough to buy them.
The illustrative images with the hug tokens will and I have a feeling that they may all fall into a book to be offered and celebrated for "when my heart sings".
If you did n't catch those image head over to the Facebook page and have a look through my wall photographs, leave me a comment or ask me about when the book is due out?

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