Monday, March 19, 2012

process as just that

...yesterday was Mothers Day in Ireland and my perfect gift was time to myself in the quietness of my studio. An odd way to celebrate being a mother perhaps but after an intense week where everyone in our house was ill it was what my creative soul really needed.
I've been wanting to paint for a while but getting around to it has not been so easy.
Sitting with two hours stretched ahead of me painting was not something I could slip into.
So I started where my brain was at and a sort of continuation of a letter to a friend.
Process 1, took the letter and shredded it. Roisin Markham
This shredding is not something foreign to my process but it may or may not be connected to the paper play process from the visual theatre workshop I took recently in Waterford.
Being really open with process means that I allow my creative energies to wander undirected rather like a form of doodling. So not taking out my paint brushes to paint was a little frustrating but it did not seem right.
Process 2, looked a bit like the nest I had designed in my head
....but  obviously flat
I wanted to combine the torn letter, my thoughts from yesterday and have a different voice within it hence the choice of the sports section from an Irish news paper. I started thinking about patterns of behaviour and how we break them or make them. Patterns...

the play continued and eventually I did paint on top of the nestled text, but it was horrible no rhythm rime or symmetry. Very displeasing to the eye, muck or as I oft refer to the painting process #dross. But processing the dross has commenced which means it brings me closer to painting fluidly again. I look forward to that.
After the studio session I took the dog out for a walk it was lovely to see the blush of Spring on the trees:
Springs blush appears on the trees @ Ballygarrett finally. 2012

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Dee Sewell said...

Love days like that Roisin. Interested to read that although you might not have achieved quite what you wanted, the process has started. Need to remember that myself.

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