Sunday, February 24, 2013

Framing, selling work + local Artfest initiative

I'm sitting here with the sun streaming though the window, the house is quiet except for the hum of the fridge. Although its cold, the sun through the glass warms me. Sunday morning bliss!
My thoughts bounce around. Framers yesterday. I love that Chris responded so well to framing my small mixed media piece and the large leaf piece.
Waiting for Spring is a mixed media piece of watercolour, acrylic, dried tulip, handmade paper, sand and watercolour paper.
It's a very particular piece.
He also got very excited to frame a large acrylic and pencil piece that is my most recent work.
I'm not sure what to call it but it does represent a sea of change.
I'm really impressed with The GasLamp Gallery and Framers, partnering with the local Gorey Chamber of Commerce to do something different and definitely innovative for the local artist community, Artfest. It is going to increase their profile plus bring something different to Gorey. For artists its a good opportunity to get their work in a creative space on display and for sale. I over heard someone saying the catch was that you had to get your framing done at the gallery - that's not a catch that is business! But I suppose that is a very subtle point to argue with creatives whom do not understand the economic terms in which the artist, framer and gallery currently operate. I was delighted to avail of the 20% discount on framing last Saturday!
#Artfest smacks of someone being very creative and willing to take a risk to offer the space for exhibition, competition and sales at no commission to other creatives. Check out the terms and conditions. The prize is €500 framing - that would frame an nice collection of work.
I really believe a piece of art is not finished until its hung on the wall and typically that involves framing. Not always but typically. Now I'm fussy about my framing.
Since moving to Wexford seven and a half years ago I've tried several framers in the county. It's been a mixture of okay to excellent but expensive. As a professional artist I think it's important to frame my work properly, a frame is a punctuation mark for my work.
I respect a good framer someone who knows there craft well. It's one of the reasons I ended up back at my framer in Dublin, Liam Coyle for my last two exhibitions. Amazingly I discovered Chris the new framer in Gorey was trained by Liam - so I expect his work will be excellent by association.
It is a very particular thing when a framer gets excited to frame a piece of your work.
In the end I decided to get 4 pieces of work framed and have maxed out my budget. I believe it's a good investment towards selling my work and I'm happy to support this local business initiative. If you're an artist with access to Gorey you should be too.
Looking forward to seeing the work framed on Thursday.

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