Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finding your own creative path

No matter what you do or who you are, you have a creative path to walk.
Finding an authentic expression for your creativity is important.

I hear
"oh I'm not creative"
"yeah but I don't have time"
"I'm no good at art"

Creativity is about doing what you feel passionate about to the best of your ability. Right now that could be a really important stress reliever.

When we find ourselves in situations that are not truly us, we put ourselves under enormous stress to adapt and change, to 'work' in that environment, fit in, succeed. That constant stress factor takes its toll on our personal mental and physical health. The current economic climate makes us feel like we have less choices so it is really important to manage your personal stress.

Creativity in action is a great way to do that.

We don't always chose to work at or with our passion. Sometime we don't believe we can. But do we know what your passion is? Do you?

Now that is worth exploring.

  1. Inspired Business Growth
    Finding new ways to work in the current economic climate.

  2. Moving Forward
    This course can be run in a business context or on a personal level. The strategic development and goal setting principals are the same but the facilitation is structured accordingly. Moving Forward teaches tools for living and dynamic insights.

  3. Introduction to creative workshops
    Your invited to discover what a creative workshop is and see if you like it?
    Day time and evening on Tuesday 5 May and a morning session on Saturday 9 May are scheduled at Holos Health and Well Being Centre, Gorey.
    Other locations and groups facilitated by request.

If your interested in success through innovation, creativity and action for you, your business or a group your involved in contact Creativedynamix.1 [at] gmail to express you interest in a course and for more information.

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