Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fantastic Choco-tastic!

On Tuesday Ballgarrett Art Studio was host to kids for Choco-Tastic! Edible art and construction with chocolate and marzipan.

Thanks to the website demand was so popular that I hosted two sessions. Ages 2 - 13 participated and the chocolate fun was great.

The children made nests for mini Easter eggs and then we had a fluffy chick to place on top of them. If was all about the senses; the smell of the chocolate, the feeling of the twigs, licking our fingers as we went, fun and edible.

The second activity was a bit different we used marzipan and coloured white fondant icing to making a chick, duck or animal shape out of marzipan, just like pottery but edible! The kids were not so impressed by the marzipan so this activity was more about making rather then eating.
We particularly liked the duck with boxing gloves (age 4)
and these dainty decorations on this chick (age 7).

The second group was a group of older girls and they really went for mixing it up with their marzipan creations.

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