Monday, September 7, 2009

Open Studio: ‘out with the old and in with the new’

I am in the process of organising an open studio and sale of all existing work. The driving force is to fund a new body of work and some exciting new collaboration projects.
So I am going with the adage of ‘out with the old and in with the new’.

Time to sell, gift, donate; paintings, photography, digital prints, handmade textiles framed and unframed work. As you can imagine my studio is a treasure trove offering original art as ideas for gifts, something unique to place in that blank wall at home or in the office and there is always the chance that you will find something special to just for you.

Everything will be offered for sale:

  • framed work displayed on the wall will be offered in a price range open to negotiations, if it has just one price that is the price I want
  • box 1: €200 - €80, work framed and unframed of medium size
  • box 2: €60 - €15, small framed paintings, and unframed paintings of different sizes, digital prints, photographs & mixed size unframed work.
  • box 3: ‘Donation box’ with a suggested donation for a local St. Vincent de Paul charity [this box will have original art works, roughs, computer printouts, photos that need to be set free and find good homes]

The date is planned for the 26th of September, 11 – 4pm .

By Wednesday 23rd September all my work will be back from galleries and other exhibition venues and in the studio so if you would like to come and choose something before that date you’d be more then welcome. Call me to make an appointment to visit the studio [086]1546163.

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