Thursday, April 8, 2010

Up-skilling week 4: Machine embroidery

Well this was my up-skill for this week. I have a piece planned and it is a matter of assembling all the bits and testing the idea out. But the added part is some research. Gathering my thoughts, revisiting books I have and trying to discover new angles of inspiration.
So let me be clear Machine Embroidery is a term I use to describe contemporary embroidery that uses a sewing machines to stitch. Sometimes refered to as painting with thread.
Contemporary Embroidery textile artists whose work I like, have seen up close and personal, enjoyed and made a lasting impression on me:
Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn but that is until I really explore and discover others.  You can view their work here, I think my favourite book is 'Stitch Magic' they also wrote a series of A4 booklets published via double trouble enterprises that I own and  recommend. I've seen their work up close and personal and it is even more impressive.
Louise Baldwin; contemporary stitch, interesting grounds include antique material, paper packaging and handmade paper. Here is a good example of Lousie's work that I like titled 'for indoor use only'. When I saw here work last year in Dublin I commented to her it had an 'almost irreverent feel to it'.

I'm interested in how much further fibre and stitch can take an image, design, emotion and extend it visually. Up until now I have not considered myself a real stitcher, I do use hand stitching to embellish fabric surface including beading. I think that is why I like felt making. But I do like the idea of a sewing machine with software that you digitally programme and let it away to stitch... that opens up new possibilities, new layers, new work. Textile art is sometimes refered to as fibre art.
Resources online:

So tell me
Who are your favourite contemporary textile artists? Do you follow any blogs that you would reccomend? Have you suggestions for textile artists  I should look at? Who are your favourites? I am interested in new discoveries who do you follow on twitter you'd recommend? What magazines to you enjoy reading on the topic of textile or fibre artists?

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