Saturday, April 9, 2011

Art NOT chocolate for Easter 2011

Art NOT chocolate for Easter 2010 Campaign Year 3

Roisin Markham, Ballygarrett Art Studio is continuing the 'Art not Chocolate for Easter!' campaign in 2011. Now in it's third year we suggest the following reasons why everyone should be supporting this campaign:

1. Art has no calories.
2. Art lasts much longer then flowers and out lasts some relationships, it adds something to memories... 

3. Original art is affordable. Prices at Ballygarrett Art Studio start at €25 for small original paintings, prints and textiles,  Whatever the budget or occasion a piece of art is the solution you will find something to suit and take away.
4. Support and patron me as an artist, purchase a piece of my creative work  
5. Patron your local artist 

What you can do;
Instead of buying chocolate view and purchase a piece of Roisin Markham’s art work other options include commission work, gift vouchers for art and creativity coaching are also available. 
Forward this to all the people you know and ask them to forward it so that this campaign can gain support 
If you are an artist steal the idea and start your own campaign

In 2009 I started and shared this campaign with others. 2010 saw me deliver the idea through social media and some galleries and creative craft spaces in Ireland. This year  I hope this year to extend it's reach and get other artists and galleries to steal this idea, share it and garner support from their communities. 
All I ask is that you share with me how you used the idea and how it went for you. Let me know how it goes at ballygarrettartstudio[at] or tweet me @creativedynamix follow and support the campaign progress on Facebook.

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