Friday, April 22, 2011

Daily doodle plus

Each day as I get into my studio for work I sit at my desk by the window and choose from an array of art materials. These days I've moved back towards a 6B and graphite pencil.
I keep a packet of A5 sturdy paper to draw and doodle on. But I have to come clean about the doodle I'm working on a deck of cards the idea is to have them to use when doing 1:1 sessions.
The first doodle my pencil hesitated, I had the sense of resistance lack of flow - not knowing... I centred myself and allowed myself to express freely what I was sensing.
I had n't intended to share this but after a twitter conversation with Leia Cantor @mscator I thought it might shed some light in the darkness for others. After all that is what the essence of the cards are about.
Daily doodle (i) 22 April 2011. Roisin Markham
I started writing this blog with the intention of sharing the image following. But it seemed that it would make more sense if you knew what preceded it. There was a second page that explored 'what is my art about for me'. If I had four hours to paint in the studio that is where you would find me today. But I don't it's a religious holiday in Ireland today my family is around and I have other things that require my attention.
I have this morning to work... so here it is the darkness
Daily doodle (iii) 22 April 2011
This is an anti version of my experiences in the last couple of weeks and my life in general, so don't be concerned. It is just a sense of feelings and was good to express them. Obviously it was pencil on white paper but as an illustration  it is better reversed.
How freely do express yourself? is it an easy thing to do?

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