Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The smell of a tea rose

Between meetings and the opening of exhibition at Spiralli in Mallow Co. Cork last Friday I stole an hour for myself on some green grass amongst the ruins of Mallow castle.
Rain swept over and it seemed like it should have been warmer then it was.
What a treasure to have in Mallow town. This ruin is full of interest.

When you drive in there is a little follies that is intriguing. Completely hidden from the main house view because it is so covered in overgrown climbers. The photo does no justice to it.
To the right of the castle ruin at the back I disturbed some rabbits. Fun to watch them dart about.
I decided to walk down to where they had been playing and came across an amazing slab of rock face with this tree growing in it.
Nature is truly an amazing thing.

Although there is a massive private sign I noticed some people driving up to the main house. I asked one of the walkers was it okay to walk there I was assured it was. But I was tentative. I have been informed since that the County Council has since bought the House and castle and it is no longer private.
Just watch out for the goats that seem to be doing a terrific job of keeping the grass short. But do notice the huge horse chestnut trees they sit under magnificent species.

I walked towards the main house which is stunning and impressive. The gardens in their heyday must have been amazing. As I walked through the gate into the front courtyard I was stopped by the most amazing fragrance, a tea rose captivated me. This beautiful white flower.
the only thing stolen was this image
A wonderful white tea rose. I so wanted to steal one for my car but I could n't I felt it wrong to take a rose from this bush. So instead I stood their feeling slightly foolish lingering in the scent, wonderful.
Smell is an amazing thing it pulls us right back to particular moments in time and associations with fragrance.
I love roses.

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