Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Finding moments

On the way back from the seminar last week I had to stop and have some time to myself. Have a moment,
So I stopped somewhere I have driven by for 6 years. A small graveyard near Wells.
It was interesting to walk around the the old grave yard and poignant too. Dr Colm O'Connr had spoken about the moments between birth and death and the adversity. Here I was in a grave yard surrounded by tributes to dead people!
I was too tired to draw. Felt it not okay to lie down on the grass and stare at the blue sky. So I sat their and centred myself. Breathing. After a while I picked up the graphite pencil and started to write.

I need to find somewhere
to stop
to rest
St. John's church Kilcannon
the noisy traffic flow finally 
the bird song fills the air
melodic robbins and throbbing wood pigeons
as I sit in the sun and stare
I needed a moment...
how should I choose to spend it?
lie on the grass
on a graveyards fallow
I hear the pheasant
the traffic once again
speeding hurrying by
yet here in the graveyard
they are all dead
the daisy, the blue bell & forget-me-nots nod
the dandelion seeds paused
gentle grass sways
in early Spring time warmth
May is not here yet
I sit on the grass
stopped in my moment
enjoying the sun...
                  28 April 2011

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