Thursday, August 18, 2011

Studio space clearing & clarity

Bags of shells and bits of stick.
Well I've ended up there again clearing out my over cluttered studio. It starts with wanting to change furniture around, not being happy with how my space is being used and what portion is being used more. My desk for 1:1's coaching and creative exploration, my easel, my drawing board, the PC, the Mac has finally moved out given up that I will ever use Adobe suite again.
But the biggest issue is materials. They are really important in my work.
The boxes of paint, glues, fleece, fabric, wool, mark making tools of all shapes and sizes they get pulled out and shared, used, discarded made into something by someone else or by me.
After a while I just wanted it all organised easier to access.
Simpler I am working on that.
Are you a collector?
Are you an artist?
Do you have boxes of things? how do you keep it all tidy? how do you keep it organised and under control? or do you and how do you square with that? How do the people who share your space square with that or do they?
I found a box of old camera negatives from college under my shelving system, do I keep them?
Okay so I’ve the studio half emptied and half tidied. I am woe-be-tied if I will reposition, sort, shelve anything that is not useful. I feel like I am editing my life which is no bad thing.
But I have found the oddest and cutest things here in my work space:
Book of 100 wishes, Roisin Markham. 2005.
A set of silver cutlery in a wooden box.
Dead flowers, feathers and skeins of yarn.
And still things to move around, books to find places and things space for things... and space for my work.

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Rose Hughes said...

ahhh, Roisin --- we artists are natural collectors. visual collections, physical collections and boy there are probably as many ways to store everything as there is things to collect. my heart is with you, for my turn will come around again all too soon. Happy making space for it all!

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