Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Driving through Lismore

On the way to Cork last week I stopped in the village of Lismore. I was fascinated to hear Irish being spoken in the cafe. It is something rarely heard in Gorey. The other chat was about them wining a Tidy towns award.
 I could not resist taking a few quick shots of this pub. I have many pictures like this of old pubs around Ireland. Looks like something from the last century.
Pub, Lismore, Ireland. 2011
left hand pub window display, Lismore 2011
Guinness Toucan lampshade, Lismore Pub, 2011

On the right hand-side of the pub the window display was simplier with a framed version of the song 'The maid of Lismore' taken from an old book. Notice the old whiskey jar to the left has Lismore engraved into it, love to know the story of its journey.
The maid of Lismore

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