Saturday, December 29, 2012

Playing with not photoshop

For a while now I have been capturing and manipulating images on some iPhone photo apps:
Considered the best camera app for the iphone sees me leaving my camera battery uncharged and preferring my iPhone for shots and passing images I decide to capture.
I prefer to instagram, I think it gives you a wider range of manipulation and filters. I use it as a photo manipulation app and straight up I love using it!
Paper camera
(as recommended by Suz @vibrantIreland) is a great app and appears initially as a playful photo editor but it can punch its own weight, besides being fun I love it's ease of use favouring comic boom, gothic noir, sketch up and pastel perfect filters. Not as controlled as photoshop but a great place to start. I often combine it with snapshot flicking between the two to push and pull graphic filters.
I looked for a long time for an app I could add my name, text, subtle layers of words to images and eventually settled on this one. Basic unsophisticated but adds text.
I seldom use recently I've used it for showing several images from an event or the progression of creative digital editing.
My point is play with apps. Find inspiration from the original image, apps and what's going on in your head get creative, explore your self expression.
Create images beyond photography.


Catherine said...

Thanks for that! I will look for instacollage alright. VSCO was recommended to me but I rarely use it. Haven't tried the others either, but I have photoshop app and don't really like it too much. Not exactly the most playful set of tools! I agree it's fun to explore.

Ballygarrett Art Studio said...

Thanks Foxy I find it amazing that you use any iphone apps at all when you have such a great camera! Never heard of VSCO will have a look out for it. Always good to keep an open mind and try new things. Keep slaying dragons you may also like this post on meeting them

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