Wednesday, January 30, 2013


look at it differently, Roisin Markham 2012
Its almost the end of January 2013 and this is my first blog post for my personal practice! Whats going on you may ask - well work and volunteering. Its been a huge month. Hope the rest of the year is going to live up to it!
January is always a good buzz.
But alas my studio remains cluttered. The skip has been ordered and the plan is to be ruthless - yes I winced.
I realised before Christmas last year that I would be busy and not getting studio tie for a while choosing to be reasonable and allow myself slow down and not be in such a hurry. So right now doodling, digital photography are gathering momentum but painting it still lies in the tubes. But the dreaming has started and the waves of colour flowing as I day dream. Each night before I climb the stairs I hanker to come into the studio and paint. But I wait... allowing myself the time to regroup. Allowing myself space, to take my time, to edit what I keep to toss stuff away, to offer work for sale, yes to regroup. Yes space and time as I'm not making my best work yet.

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Rose Hughes said...

the time you give yourself to slow down and regroup is one that I feel is really important to the creative is a gift, and allows those colors in our heads to take form...that way when we get into our space to create it all flows more easily -- and you never know what may turn up in a clean up. maybe just the right thing!

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