Friday, March 18, 2011

Glendalough, a labyrinth on St.Patrick's Day 2011 & forty shades of green

Yesterday Ireland's national holiday we headed to Wicklow to an old favourite, Glendalough nestled in the Wicklow mountains an ancient monastic site that today still holds a certain soulful spiritual mystic quality that Ireland does so well.
Glendalough, Wicklow, Ireland. Roisin Markham
I grew up in County Wicklow and have memories of walks in Glendalough as a child. In my twenties I remembering cycling out to it as part of my maracycle training. Now I hanker after Glendalough usually in the Autumn where the trees take on the changing seasons like a coloured cloak. It is nice to visit at any time of the year. Spring has n't quite made it to this part of the garden of Ireland yet. One of my friends commented that it could have been November.
It was great to go for a day into the fresh air, for it not to rain and the sun to make its presence felt. I had n't been to Glendalough for ages, it's a great spot to meet Dublin based friends for a walk, picnic and reconnecting. But I had another reason I also wanted to go to see the labyrinth. Having only recently heard that one had been created there.
Labyrinth at Glendalough, Wicklow. Roisin Markham
I have to admit to being disappointed. It looks more significant in the photo then it was. It felt like a very unfinished piece of land art. I think I will return to have a closer look when the park is less busy and see if I can find out more about who is making it, why and is it finished...
Reefert Church, Glendalough, Wicklow. Roisin Markham
This is a selection of photographs I took around Reefert's Church it sits slightly elevated before the upper lake almost hidden in the trees. I think it dates from the 11th century. The green on the grass was a tufty fluffy green moss.
Which reminded me of some photographs I took of moss in the Dublin mountains circa 2004
Moss. Roisin Markham
and some subsequent design for print I worked on around these colours.
As you can see there is something interesting going on her for my psyche I am back to the green...
I'm sitting here laughing. I did n't consciously wear green yesterday. None of us had little tuffs of shamrock attached to our jackets.
Design available as a print. Roisin Markham
Wednesday evening I started thinking "well what does it mean to be Irish" and here is my blog post digressing into forty shades of green. Well that's okay too. I do have work available that is green and fabulous in the studio.
Alchemy, Of earth and soul. Roisin Markham
Acrylic on paper, 71 x 50cm. €900 framed.
Inland ii, 2005 – 2010. Roisin Markham
Acrylic on watercolour board,78 x 58cm. €1,100
Inland ii is part of a series painted around motherhood, fertility, more particularly the postpartum space where you know or decided not to have any more children. That sense of nurturing, acceptance, loss, gratitude that I felt for experiencing the mothering space physically within myself and within my life. This particular piece goes beyond that and asks questions around space we create to nurture ourselves, others.
It is currently on it's way to auction 50% of the proceeds will go to One in Four a charity I support. If I sell it I will donate 50% of the proceeds to this charity.
 Contact me if you see something you like. Framed work can be shipped unframed, negotiated prices will include shipping. Purchasing plans can be agreed and I do have paypal. You can also call me on +353.86.1546163.


Rose Hughes said...

I read this morning and felt great sense of peace. Thank you for sharing this lovely place and yourself with us. Enjoy the rest of your St. Patrick's Day holiday.

Ballygarrett Art Studio said...

Thanks Rose for your continued positive support. Glendalough has that quality about it. I'm glad it came across. Looking forward to fireworks in Wexford tomorrow night but not before I mill through some work today.

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