Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is it worth a second look?

Lessons about vision from an early morning walk and metaphors for life
As an artist I have come to accept that although people will copy what I do no one will make work exactly like I do, so I share and know that some of you will value my work and others will value the sharing of information. But at some stage I hope the two converge.
As an artist I continue to make work and strive to find a sustainable business model for my creative practice; increasing my sales of art, securing more commissions, devising projects and events. I hope if you enjoy or value my work you will find away to share that with those in your circle and consider purchasing some art work.
Cahore House Hotel, Wexford. Roisin Markham
This morning on my walk around Cahore Point a pheasant perched on some old tree trunks made me walk towards Cahore House Hotel. To which I normally glance and stroll on. There were a few things that struck me on this soft misty morning that was turning in to drizzle. A farmers gate free standing with no fence around it. The fence long since fallen over in the normally soggy ground that due to several weeks of fine weather I could walk over. What you don't sense in the picture are the rooks chatting, the sound of the sea in the background, the sound of wood pigeons. Yes I did think to take some video but felt it would not evoke exactly that and words would work.
The mist was doing a great job of dampening down all the colours. It was n't quiet dramatic but something else happened as I walked closer and viewed the scene from different angles.
But how does one turn an insipid washed out image into something worth looking at?
How do you respond to what is presented to you? 
How do I translate and evoke what appears to hand in such a way to show you it is worth a second look?
Cahore House Hotel, Cahore Point, Wexford. Roisin Markham
I change the parameters in which I interact, interpret and communicate.
What do you do? is this approach useful in your work or life?


Rose Hughes said...

as artists we look at things differently than others do--even other artists, and I believe this is what comes across in my art -- and as you say I know some may 'copy' or I may share my work - another's take on it is never the same. I believe it is our instinct and trust of this about ourselves that comes through -- thank you once again Roisin to giving voice to this part of what makes us... 'US'.

Ballygarrett Art Studio said...

always interesting to talk to with you Rose and although our conversation was short I learnt something about myself and you. I agree when we take the camera to our eye we edit what we see - as that famous - Dorothea Lange quote says "The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera."
One thing that you mentioned was how personal the image seemed to me.
I did not post edit it. I choose to shot it in black and white plus reduced the F-stop.
... and Yes there was an intensity about the moment that I am glad you sense in the image.

Ballygarrett Art Studio said...

PS. My thesis was on Lewis Hine not Dorothea Lange she mentions him as one of her biggest influences. It looked at the first uses of photography to influence social change.

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