Wednesday, March 2, 2011

working with people, 1:1 sessions

I've always enjoyed working with others and watching them take courageous steps towards reaching their own goals. My community arts practice revolves around creativity for boosting morale and self esteem, actually a lot of what I do in CreativeDynamix could be linked to that theme with a health side order of empowerment. 
Recently I've had a steady stream of people coming to me for one to one sessions. You might have seen me refer to them as ...illuminating personal pathways. I love them! Yes people & the work. It functions at what ever level you need it to.
I often make work or doodle when people are in session we've been finding it usually adds a layer of meaning. This was a doodle I did for a client recently during a phone session as we were talking...
as we were talking
doodle from 1:1 phone session, Roisin Markham
The 1:1 illuminating personal pathway sessions combine active listening, grounding, running energy to clear and connect, intuitive response, creative making & sharing using art materials to translate and make tangible like prototyping. Sometimes sessions have been walk & talk, involved spontaneous dancing, laughing sometimes tears as things get realised and released and sometimes there is homework!

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